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Reiki Treatments For Animals

Is your pet’s behavior puzzling?

Often unexplained behaviors can be a response to stress or illness. If you’ve been to the vet and your pet checks out fine, and you can’t stop unwanted behaviors through training, maybe it’s time to try a Reiki treatment.

Some behaviors that arise from stress are:

  • inability to be crated
  • licking or self mutilation
  • destructive chewing and consumption of non food items

Is your animal companion struggling with symptoms of a chronic condition?

Common diseases, syndromes, and afflictions like Lyme Disease, IBD, and mange come with their own set of challenges, like:

  • difficulty rising or walking
  • digestive upset
  • pain

      Or, is your senior pet showing signs of age?

      Reiki is a gentle practice that promotes balance on all levels of body, mind and spirit. It is usually administered through light touch although it is not necessary so don’t worry if you have a shy or touch-sensitive animal.

      Reiki treatments are appropriate for all stages of life from infancy to end of life and help maintain wellness, as well as alleviate pain and have a wonderful integrating effect. When your pet is calmer, he can listen better, react less frantically to stimuli and heal faster.

      Reiki is currently being used in hospitals all over the United States as a complementary therapy, and its benefits for animals are being recognized as well.

      I have been aware of Reiki for some time. After learning that my 16 year old cat Pete was diagnosed with end stage terminal cancer and was only given a few weeks to live, Dr. Karin Johanson of the Three Rivers Holistic Veterinary Services referred me to Beth. Beth was amazing with Pete. Beth went out of her way to help us. She traveled twice from Morristown, NJ to Garden State Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls, NJ to administer Reiki to Pete. Even though Pete was in pain, you could see him react positively and calmly to Beth’s healing energy. He seemed so much calmer and relaxed during the sessions. Pete seemed to know that Beth was there to help him as he looked trustingly at her with his beautiful round green eyes. He relaxed and rested one of his paws across her hand as she administered healing.

      Since Pete was terminal and in pain, it was decided that the most humane thing to do was to help Pete in his transition. On May 1, 2009 we brought Pete home from the hospital to spend his last day in his home with his family surrounded by those he knew and loved and those who loved him. Before the doctor arrived to administer medication to help Pete transition, Beth came to our home to administer Reiki to Pete. I am so thankful to you Beth for being there that day and helping to calm Pete and making him as comfortable as possible.

      Beth has a wonderful big heart and a loving spirit and the love and care that she showed to Pete means everything to me and my family. Beth, thank you for your good work.

      -Wanda Poole

      While my specialty is animals, I’m always pleased to offer Reiki to their human companions, as well.

      Since July 2009 I’ve been recovering from heart surgery, leading to a slow, methodical, healing process. During my hospital stay, Reiki was one of the recommended recovery aids suggested by my medical team and my insurance provider. Beth agreed to provide my first Reiki treatment and my introduction to this gentle form of healing energy. I found the experience to be enjoyable, yet moving, and could sense a realization of well-being within me. The experience was enough to convince me of its benefit.
      – Ted Dentzer

      Animals are most comfortable in their own homes and Reiki treatments are on a house call basis. After your initial treatment, I may recommend optional remedies if appropriate, on a case by case basis.