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Flower Essences

Are flower essences right for your pet?

Flower essences are non-aromatic liquids that capture the profound healing properties of plants. Always safe and usually administered by placing a few drops in your pet’s water bowl, they can effect amazing changes. Some of the things flower essences can assist your pet through are:

Obedience training
Spaying and neutering
Separation anxiety
Behaviors caused by poor socialization
Challenges faced by feral cats
Jealousy or insecurity when a new baby or pet arrives
Fear of having feet touched
Challenges faced by indoor cats
Discomfort in the car
Moving and traveling
Special challenges faced by senior pets
Excessive licking

…Actually, the list could go on forever – the point is that whatever an animal is going through, there’s a flower essence to help.

Flower essences are:

easy to administer
can do no harm
can be ingested by other pets without danger to them
effective with any other traditional or complementary protocol or on their own

Contact me to find the right flower essence for your pet.