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Daily Walks & Pet Sitting

What if….?

Do you worry about your pets when you travel? Do you avoid traveling because you don’t want to put your pets in a kennel – or feel guilty when you do? Or maybe your pets are wary of strangers, making finding the right solution difficult.

Hiring a dog walker/petsitter could be the solution to your dilemma. I am the longest established petsitter in  Morristown/Township. I’ve been in business since 2002 and many of my clients who have been with me from the start have entrusted me with care for their second generation of pets.

“Beth first started taking care of my cat Enki, and did an amazing job. As my cat aged, Beth did whatever was necessary
to make her as comfortable as possible when I was away. Now Beth takes great care of Calvin, my younger cat. It’s such a great feeling to be able to go away on business or vacation and know that your pet, plants and house are being cared for by a trustworthy, kind, responsible person. I highly recommend her services!”
-Claudia O.

My experience includes:

– Working with

  • “Feisty Fidos
  • Dogs for whom the leash is a challenge
  • Fearful and shy pets

– Administering medications including insulin shots

– Using positive training methods to assist in teaching your dog tasks like leave it, drop it, and give.

– Volunteer Assistant Trainer at St. Hubert’s Dog Training School

– Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid

– Offering compassionate care and holistic support for all pets including the
very young, special needs, or elderly pet.

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with Boo – and Kitty, too, while he was still with me. It’s obvious
how much you care about the animals you sit [for] -Sue H

If you live outside Morristown/Township, please call – if it’s a right fit, I’m happy to travel slightly farther. I am not associated with a franchise or service, so you know that I’ll be the only person coming into your home.

“Beth graciously agreed to provide coverage to walk Jake and Max on short notice. At her preliminary visit, Beth
clearly demonstrated both her commitment to pets as
well as the quality of service she provides through the numerous questions and range of topics she asked me.

Beth faced a power outage on her first solo visit to the house. Presented with no power (and no electric fence!), anxious dogs and an alarm system needing resetting, Beth met the challenge with poise and with humor. By week’s end, both Jake and Max were noticeably calmer and happier.

Beth – thank you for the superlative care you provided for my dogs!” – Christina R.

Now accepting a limited number of clients for daily walks, once in awhile walks, or pet care while you’re
traveling. Half hour visits are 25.00 per half hour if you live within my
travel radius. Charges higher for longer distance. Call me at (973) 960-6464 or
send me an email.

Return to my Services page to see how else I can help you.

“Thank you for all your work over the last five years. I especially appreciate the peace of mind you gave by petsitting
during my crazy travel schedule.” -Stephanie C.