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About Beth


Beth Lowell

I believe that animals are more like humans than many people suspect. Their emotional well being has a direct impact on their health. Good health is not limited to the physical body. A key component of good health is happiness, and my goal is to help animals achieve both.

When I lost my job after 9/11, I adopted my dog Dasher. Jobs and dog walkers were few and far between, so I started Good Girl Dog Walking and Pet Sitting. A year later, my second dog, Bella arrived. Through experience with my own dogs and the hundreds of pets I’ve met, I’ve become familiar with many health, behavior, and emotional challenges that they face, often issues that can be resolved through non-invasive, safe and gentle holistic methods that do not interfere with or negatively affect any protocols suggested by your veterinarian – although some do have the wonderful positive effect of enabling owners to reduce or eliminate their pets’ medications – under veterinary supervision of course – and allow pets to enjoy a better quality of life. I’ve made it my business to find solutions to help pets become happier, healthier and more well balanced so that they are better equipped to face whatever challenges life throws their way.

I worked for many years in corporate marketing at MetLife in Manhattan and later in consulting. My jobs have always included analytical thinking and problem solving. When something interests me, whether it’s gardening, ice skating or what makes pets tick, I am relentless in the pursuit of knowledge. Being a former four hour-a-day commuter to NYC and having worked in consulting I also understand the life of business travel, long commutes and working seven day weeks, and I appreciate how important it is to find reliable, compassionate care for your pet.

“You’ve perfected the art of kindness” – Dale L. 

My Experience includes:

– Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
– Past Assistant trainer at St. Hubert’s Dog Training School in Madison, NJ – Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience
– Red Cross Certified in first aid for pets
– Volunteer in animal rescue, serving on the board of Rawhide Rescue and now work in a more ad hoc capacity with my network of rescuers across the country
– Founding member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association whose mission it is to bring Reiki to shelters worldwide to improve the lives of shelter animals and increase their chances for adoptions

My leap from the analytical world of corporate America to holistic healing and care of animals might not seem so strange considering my artistic life. I attended the Vesper George School of Art in Boston and received a BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. I moved from Boston to New York permanently to pursue my artistic career but wound up spending many years in the corporate world working as an award winning writer instead.

I now combine my passions for animals, writing and painting. I am a pastel artist whose commissioned work is collected internationally and I have written extensively about holistic care for pets. You can view many of these on my Articles page.

Lest you think I’m a total animal-centric, some other facts about me: I relish a good memoir and have an insatiable appetite for True Crime stories. In a parallel universe I’d love to be a profiler.

Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

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  1. Audrey Moorhouse says

    Interesting site, Beth. Lots to think about here. Would love to read some of the books. Will spend some time. Thanks. I have a somewhat similar site. Take a peek.

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