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Are you in love with your pet?

People who I work with usually are. They fall into a few categories:

  • People who are familiar with Reiki and other energy therapies and want their animals to experience its profound benefits through receiving Reiki treatments
  • Those who want to take a Reiki class so that they can treat their own pets and other animals, either professionally, or voluntarily, like in shelters where they assist
  • And others who are looking for safe, non-invasive methods to try and resolve issues when traditional protocols fail. These can include anything from stopping a dog from eating everything in sight including the walls and furniture, to providing comfort to a terminally ill pet at end of her life.
  • Of course, there are also those that are looking for a responsible, experienced, and caring person to look after their pets, many of whom have challenges, like leash anxiety or conditions requiring medication, while they are at work or traveling

Most of my clients are concerned with wellness and want to take a proactive approach to keeping pets healthy and happy, and appreciate that maintaining good health is as important as using traditional veterinary procedures when illness strikes. They have a curiosity and enthusiasm about trying holistic approaches – that means methods that treat the whole animal, rather than addressing just the symptoms he or she may have…you could say, methods that put the animal back into balance.

They’re looking for gentle, non-invasive and safe ways to assist pets in

  • Responding better to training
  • Reducing or eliminating the need for medication (under veterinary supervision, of course!)
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Living happier, healthier lives

My clients have included people whose pets have been:

  • terminally ill
  • undergoing care at veterinary hospitals
  • experiencing physical difficulties
  • well and receive regular Reiki “tune-ups” or massage treatments
  • exhibiting behavioral problems not resolved by training or veterinary care

…and of course, those whose pets just need some tender loving care, including feeding, walks, and administering of medications while they’re away!

“I was introduced to the benefits of Reiki by Beth Lowell in 2009.
A skeptic by nature, I was completely cynical about Reiki and most other holistic forms of healing. However, I’m also an animal lover and have heard about the wonders of Reiki treatments for ailing pets.
I’ve known Beth for some time as a pet sitter and have learned to trust her guidance in the care of my beloved dog Bo. What struck me was the success Beth and other Reiki practitioners have had in treating totally unbiased creatures like dogs, cats, and horses. In addition to her knowledge and compassion, Beth’s skill allows her to effect healing energy through a consciousness I have yet to fully understand but have recently experienced and now embrace.” Ted Dentzer

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with Boo – and Kitty, too, while he was still with me. It’s obvious how much you care about the animals you sit [for] -Sue Hermann

Clients enjoy working with me when they

  • realize that I take their pets as seriously as they do
  • see their pets make breakthroughs in behavior or training issues, either as a result of my work with them as a pet sitter or a holistic practitioner
  • watch as their animal responds contentedly to a Reiki or massage treatment
  • know that I keep them updated when they’re away – even if they didn’t ask me to…because I know how much they love their pets.

Breakthroughs are not the same for each pet – sometimes they are immediate, sometimes they occur slowly over time, and sometimes, the breakthrough that occurs may not have been what the owner is looking for, but what was important for the pet.

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