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Beware of Dog Lovers

Last week I was walking one of my charges, a Blue Nose Pitbull. She was found on the side of the road as a puppy, apparently thrown from a car. Her jaw was broken, an often fatal injury for animals. A good samaritan found her and took her directly to the animal shelter that was literally steps away. Medical care was arranged for and the samaritan who called to check on her each day wound up adopting her.

Just a year old, this little pit bull loves people, and people love her back. Truck drivers pull their horns as they pass, people on the street admire her, and more than one Blue Nose Pitbull owner has stopped to chat and extoll the virtues of this breed.

So last week as I was walking her we came upon a parked car. A woman inside waved me down. She needed directions. My thought process was pretty much non-existent as things happened so fast, but my instincts were going full speed. At first glance I hadn’t liked the looks of the parked car.  I felt less uneasy when I saw that it was a woman inside. She got out of the car when she saw the dog. She loved dogs, she explained. She wanted to say hi.  The dog wanted to greet the woman and wanting her to continue to be well socialized, I let her.  Something still nagged at me though. The woman seemed uninterested in the directions I was giving her. She then explained she was a vet tech. This made me feel a little better. She asked the dog’s name and how old she was. My mind started racing. Should I lie? In the end I told her. I told her because I wanted to just finish the conversation and leave.

The woman now said she was looking for a different destination. She wanted to admire the dog’s “fancy necklace”, meaning her collar and reached for it. She continued to stall for time as I pulled the dog away and we ran all the way down the street, looking back to be sure she did not follow in her car. I’ll not walk that way again.

Dog people love other dog people. We gravitate toward them. We trust them, as if our mutual love of dogs makes them just like us.  That day ends for me right here. I called the police. I filed a report.  Follow your instincts. If you don’t like the looks of another dog person, leave. Keep your dogs safe.



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