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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – and would stop new strains of bacteria from developing

I heard on the radio this morning that a drug resistant form of candida is on the rise. While the normally prescribed drug is effective in wiping out yeast overgrowth, pharmaceutical companies are developing a new drug to wipe out the new strain, so people shouldn’t be worried.

I am worried though, but not about yeast. An overgrowth, often caused by use of too many antibiotics, can easily be managed by diet. By simply eliminating sugar and grains that convert to sugar, the food source for yeast bacteria, one can literally starve the organsims (along with other parasites common but which go unnoticed in most people) to death, thereby eliminating the physical symptoms they cause and returning the intestinal flora to balance.

What I’m worried about is the proliferation of unnecessarily prescribed (and developed) drugs and their side effects that can have long lasting and insidious effects on the body.  After all, if people eliminated yeast through diet, the need for a drug would be unnecessary, and a new drug resistant form of yeast would never have evolved.

I’m worried about the marketing that convinces people they need a drug when simple measures, like learning how food affects our bodies, could easily and less invasively (not to mention less expensively) cure a lot of common ailments.

What’s this got to do with the health of your pet? Well, most likely if you subscribe to the philosophy that drugs are always the answer, you probably don’t hesitate to administer them to your pet every time he or she experiences a medical problem. Our pets live shorter lives than we do and even long lived pets don’t seem to stay with us as long as we’d like. By exploring safe and natural options for control of simple conditions, people can both prolong their pets’ lives and give them better quality of life. It pays to learn about good health and what creates it rather than reaching for the pill bottle every time something unexpected crops up – for both yourself and your pet. Do the research!

If your dog sufferes from ear infections caused by yeast, look at the ingredients in his food and treats. Dogs don’t require grain in their diets. Eliminate the grain and most likely you’ll eliminate the ear issues as well.

Hope you’re finding everything you’re looking for here. If you have a question about how holistic solutuions can improve your pet’s life, don’t hesitate to call or email me. To your wellness!



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