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Generally speaking….Do dogs generalize?

It’s often written that dogs don’t generalize well. If you teach your dog to sit and you practice only in the kitchen, as the story goes, you’ll have a kitchen trained dog – meaning your dog will think “sit” means that he should sit – only when he’s in the kitchen. However, if you observe your dog you might see signs of generalization on her part – for instance, many dogs are afraid of men or people in funny hats, or seem to love or hate another particular kind of dog. My dog loves small white dogs, generally speaking, and hates large ones.

In talking about dogs and dog behavior, it’s important to understand that most statements are generalizations. For instance, a raw diet may be healthiest – generally speaking. Some dogs with health conditions may do better with slightly warmed home made meals. All dogs are different and therefore no blanket statement can apply to all dogs.

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