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Top Tips for Preparing Your Dog for Separation

Leaving your dog behind for an extended period of time can be stressful for both of you. Some of these tips can help. 

1. Get your dog in balance. Before you leave, treat your dog to a series of massages or Reiki treatments. These and other similar therapies help improve well being both physically and emotionally as well as improving his immune system. While you’re at it, treat yourself too, so you can feel less anxious about leaving. Your dog will feel your anxiety and may internalize it.

2. Leave a piece of yourself with your dog. Wrap up an old tee shirt and sew it into the lining of your dog’s bedding or pillow (if he’s not a chewer.) Your scent can help your dog feel close to you even if you’re not there.

3. Maintain routines.  If your dog is staying in your home or with a friend, you can help him feel secure by following his usual routine. This can include leaving the TV or radio on, consistent mealtimes, walks and playdates, visits by human friends or family members your dog is familiar with.

3. Use flower essences.  Giving your dog flower essences before you leave can help him prepare emotionally for a change. Having your caretaker administer them while you are gone can help him adjust to new settings and being without you.  Some suggestions:  Relocation, Return To Joy, Missing You, Separation Anxiety. (These formulas made especially for animals can be purchased from Anaflora.)

4. Communicate! Let your dog know when you’ll be leaving and when you plan on returning. Animals are not usually given a choice about their circumstances so it’s nice to let them know what’s going to happen so they can prepare themselves. Whether you believe in animal communication or in your ability to communicate with your dog or not, give it a shot. it can’t hurt. Be clear, honest and direct. It’s also nice to check in with your dog during your absence to help comfort him.

If you’re kenneling your pet, experts  advise not popping in for a visit. Dogs often feel more depressed after a quick visit and subsequent redisappearance.

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  1. Cathy Goodwin says

    This is great advice, Beth! Gracie is not attached to me so I don’t think she’ll even notice I’m gone, as long as she has her chew toys, treats and peanut butter. She has her own crate and 3 dog beds, all with her scent.

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