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Seizures, knee problems, seasonal allergies and aggression – all symptoms of the same disease? Book Review: The Canine Thyroid Epidemic

Itchy skin chalked up to seasonal allergies, sudden onset of seizures, knee issues, aggression, digestive upsets, diabetes and autoimmune diseases – what do they have in common? All can be symptoms of a greater condition, and one that often goes undiagnosed:  Canine Thyroid Disease 

By treating each symptom without recognizing the underlying cause, many dogs suffer needlessly, die early or are euthanized due to aggression that can often be resolved simply by addressing the thyroid issue. 

Dr. W. Jean Dodds and Diana R.Laverdure have written a must-have book for dog owners – whether you think your dog is at risk or not. Published by Dogwise and hot off the presses, The Thyroid Epidemic – Answers You Need for your Dog undertakes a thorough examination of issues surrounding the thyroid. 

You will learn what thyroid disease is, why it’s rampant and why your dog may be at risk. 10 Warning Signs you should know are included as well as breeds most at risk, not only for thyroid disease, but also who are most vulnerable to secondary conditions ranging from autoimmune disease and aggression caused by thyroid disorders. No dog is entirely safe. 

Champions of good health from the bottom up, the authors discuss at length the role of good nutrition, a clean environment, (no tap water, please!) as well as the dangers of over vaccination and topical flea and tick treatments – which make this book an excellent tool to take along when you talk to your vet about feeding a raw diet, declining unnecessary vaccines, or seeking alternatives to topical flea and tick preventives, which by the way have been under scrutiny since 1989 and currently fall into the jurisdiction of investigation by the EPA. Common misperceptions on the part of vets about administering routine vaccine boosters and their safety are also cleared up. 

There’s a whole section of the book that explains thyroid testing and analysis. If it’s too technical for you, show it to your vet. Vets often do not know how to properly read a thyroid test.   

If you’re not familiar with the work of Dr.Dodds, she is an expert in canine thyroid disorders and is involved in the Rabies Challenge Fund, an organization raising funds to support study that will reduce the number of rabies vaccines administered to dogs throughout their lifetimes. Writer Diana Lavendure has also written on the dangers of over vaccination. Together, the co-authors have delivered a clear, easy to read and critical book that can help you address the epidemic by being aware and by enabling you to become your dog’s best advocate.

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