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Clear body, clear mind – the importance of nutrition

I’ve spent the last month doing a food detox with nutritionist Judith Gisser, who offers her program twice a year.  By removing certain foods that commonly pose challenges for people, adding healthy foods that work to detox the organs, and an optional three day fast, participants rid their body of toxins both from food and the environment that have built up in the body’s organs,and then can start introducing foods back into their diets to see which, if any, cause symptoms like body aches or increased pulse rate. These symptoms indicate an intolerance to foods.

Participants often find digestion, mental clarity and energy all improve. This is also reflected in higher efficiency and a better mental outlook. Interesting to note is that meditators who fast often reach new levels of awareness, not because they are mad with starvation, but because with a clear gut comes a clear mind. Intuition improves when the organs are clean.

People often to think of nutrition as something for the body only – for stronger bones and teeth, for instance. Poor nutrition, food intolerances and allergies can also lead to mental and emotional issues like attention deficit, depression and mood swings, rashes and seizures as well. Good nutrition feeds the body, mind and spirit. 

This is why good nutrition for pets is the first thing to address when physical or behavioral issues manifest. (This is why I recommend biosuperfood and biopreparation algae, a nutrient dense food,  from Optimum Choices to everyone I meet, for themselves and their pets, healthy or otherwise.)

I’m not aware of anyone who does a similar kind of detox for pets, nor am I suggesting you try. But by offering food without preservatives, extenders, or which has been manufactured by the process of extrusion (high heat baking used to produce kibble) which destroys any nutritive quality of ingredients that go into it, as well as eliminating grains which are deterimental to pet health, one can often observe:

shinier coat

clearer eyes

better digestion

improved energy

stable and healthy weight

calmer behavior

Sometimes we take symptoms like sensitive stomach, minor aches and pains, and low energy for part of who we are and part of who our pets are. This is not wise since ignored symptoms, even seemingly minor ones, can often lead to a damaged immune system and more serious conditions down the road.

I learned a lot during this detox, not only about how far reaching the effects of nutrition are and what food intolerances I have, but also from doing a lot of reading while in the infrared sauna. I’ll be sharing more on that soon!

Judith runs her detox program twice a year and you can attend four sessions in her office or from your home, wherever you live, by phone.

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