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Have you been to the vet for your annual vaccines and boosters?

Many vets have scaled back on vaccinations but others are still urging pet owners to get vaccines and boosters even when pets don’t need them. State regulations vary when it comes to how often pets get the rabies vaccine – and that’s mandatory. No other vaccines are. Many holistic practitioners do not administer any of the others – distemper, bordetella or Lyme’s – ever.

I came across this article on the Rabies Challenge Fund website – it was published last year in Clean Run magazine (an agility oriented publication). I urge all readers to take a look and take a stand for your pet’s health. Say “no” to unnecessary vaccines. If you have trouble with having an honest talk with your vet, you might want to bring this article along to back you up.

The Rabies Challenge Fund has been hard at work for years conducting research to support change in legislation that would require fewer rabies vaccines during pets’ lifetimes due to the risks over vaccination poses. If you support the cause, please donate!

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