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Meisha's Hope Fund – Researching a cure for canine autoimmune diseases of the blood

Rosie frisbee It’s been just about two weeks since Rosie was diagnosed with Evans Disease. Evans Disease is a syndrome that occurs when dogs (cats, and people, too) have two immune disorders – one affecting blood cells (AIHA/IMHA) and the other (ITP/IMP) affecting the platelets.

Treatment can include Prednisone which stops the body from attacking itself and sends it into remission. Algae (Biopreparation) has been helpful in some cases in giving the body a kick start and helping it start to generate new cells and platelets.

It’s a very serious disease for which there is no cure, and there’s always danger of sudden relapse.

Since Rosie’s diagnosis, I’ve learned a lot, including that while diseases like Evans, AIHA/IMHA and ITP/IMP are often deadly, there is hope.

Joanne Dickson, whose dog Meisha was diagnosed with AIHA in 1992, created the Meisha’s Hope Canine Autoimmune/Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia Fund #338 which is part of the Morris Animal Foundation family. You can read more about the fund’s connection with the Morris Animal Foundation here.

The fund’s mission is to research both treatment and cause for AIHA/IMHA and ITP/IMP, and the Meisha’s Fund website contains many success stories, some of which include dogs with Evans disease.

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    […] of my long time canine friends, is celebrating a special occasion. It’s been just over a year since she was diagnosed with Evans Disease, a deadly autoimmune disorder. Over half of the dogs diagnosed with Evans Disease die within two […]

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