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What’s stopping you and your pet from living your perfect life together?

Do you love your pet but his behavior is driving you crazy? Can’t imagine life without pets, but want them to be happier, healthier, or more integrated?Worried about your dog home while you are at work or traveling?  If you’re lucky enough to have the perfect life with your pet, do you want to keep things that way?

Can you relate to these scenarios:

You come home from work to find that your dog has chewed the walls, destroyed the rug and started in on the coffee table – despite the fact that you came home at lunchtime to give him a good workout and left him a chew toy.

You’ve started riding a new horse at the stable but you just can’t seem to bond with her.

Your bird is pulling out her own feathers.

Your pet has been diagnosed with a serious illness and you want to help him get the best quality of life possible.

You feel guilty that your dog gets stuck in the crate all day – (and maybe you even limit your own activities because you don’t want to leave him alone).

Your dog is anxious but you want to explore alternatives to medication.

You adopted a shelter pet who came with some unexpected behavioral issues.

Your pet is perfectly happy, healthy and well adjusted.

The good news is that you can restore balance to your pet’s life and your own through natural and non-invasive methods that support your pet’s well- being. Sometimes people become so stressed over their pets’ issues that they unwittingly cause even more anxiety in their pet’s life. On the other end of the spectrum are stress factors outside of the pet’s situation that trickle down and can affect your pet like:

  • Moving to a new house
  • Divorce or other separation from loved ones including other pets
    who have passed away
  • Illness requiring medication and/or surgery
  • The aging process

The happiest and healthiest of people and pets can be thrown off balance temporarily due to even minor illnesses or stressful incidents.  Maintenance takes work!

I’m Beth Lowell and I’ve been in your shoes. You’re in the right place if you

  • care deeply about your pet’s happiness and well being
  • accept the spirituality of animals
  • are open to helping your pet achieve or maintain balance (and possibly create more balance in your own!)
  • are looking for a compassionate, experienced person to care for your pet when you can’t

The only thing I wanted for my dogs when they came home was to make them happy. Since both of them were adopted I had no idea what had transpired during the important socialization period during puppy hood. It soon became clear that we had a lot of hurdles to overcome. I’ve met hundreds of pets in my career as a pet sitter, many of whom faced similar challenges, and so I literally made it my business to find solutions to help pets become happier, healthier and more well balanced so that they are better equipped to face whatever challenges life throws their way.

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Holistic methods are not a substitute for veterinary care and benefits vary from client to client, depending on your pet’s unique situation. Often people see immediate results, while others see an improvement over time.

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